About Us

Founded by Dayana Vega in 2020, Gengi Swimwear empowers women to embrace their inner beauty and confidence through sexy yet flattering silhouettes. From bold hues to unique prints, Gengi Swimwear offers versatile swimsuits that are suitable for all women. 



"Growing up in Miami, swimsuits were always an essential part of my wardrobe. Upon graduating, my goal has always been to design swimwear that any woman can feel confident in. I wanted to combine luxury with a minimalistic aesthetic and Gengi was born. I also make it a point that each swimsuit is ethically made in Miami under my supervision. Multifunction, style, comfort, and design are just some of the core elements of Gengi Swimwear. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to show my customers how creative swimsuits can get and continue to push the boundaries of this industry. Together we can continue to grow and show the industry how ethically made swimsuits can also be versatile."